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Established 2008 in Los Angeles California, Royalsunn Enterprises initially started solely as a business management team with its simple yet effective plan to guide and enhance the careers of its artists. Due to its rapidly fast growth pace, Royalsunn restructured the company to become a multinational business management enterprise servicing the music entertainment profession and fashion industry extending from Los Angeles to Paris, France. Royalsunn Enterprises provides top quality services to its clients, reaching business and individual success through a strong sense of product development, management and marketing strategies. Royalsunn provides marketing services and strategic advice for music artists in virtually all aspects of their careers: from product development to digital media management; from online promotional content creation to even sales/distribution programs ranging from public relations to even innovative and visual design.

To better meet its expectations, Royalsunn relies on its strong association with alliances by means of highly qualified business consultants and corporations. Moreover, Royalsunn Enterprises is constantly evolving and strengthening its business venture to many different branches, going above and beyond the usual clichés and surpassing standards set in business management firms.


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