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Prodigal Sunn from Brooklyn New York is well-known as the founder of the first group associated of the Wu Tang Clan – Sunz of Man, along with Killah Priest, Hell Razah and 60 Second Assassin

– Sunz of Man who released two studio albums, the legendary “The Last Shall Be First” (1998) and “Saviorz Day” (2003) (which Prodigal executive produced). He became an international sensation winning a Grammy Award in France for La Saga/I am, featuring Sunz of Mann, and a VIVA Award in Germany for DJ Tomek, featuring GZA and Prodigal Sunn.In 2003, Prodigal launched his own production entity Godz inc., which includes a venture with Free Agency Recordings to release music as CEO of Godz Inc. he is currently a featured Artist (with RZA) on the soundtrack to the popular PlayStation3/Xbox 360 video game/ one hour animation on Spike TV “Afro Samurai,” produced by Samuel L. Jackson, recently nominated for an Emmy. He also co-produced and is a featured artist along with Jay-Z, Outkast and others in “American Rap Stars,” the longest running rap documentary on cable, now airing on Showtime, Viacom etc. In March 2009, Prodigal also joined forces with entertainment industry veteran.

Tony Hill and Beth Draisey, to establish The Composer Group, which, in association with Rockwell Sheraton from The Syndicate productions, is a full service international Entertainment/Management Consulting Firm dedicated and committed to serving entertainers in film, television, music, finance, and health and fitness. Prodigal Sunn is set to release the first single from his highly anticipated upcoming MIXTAPE ‘Hood Chronicles’. Additional singles for Hood Chronicles the mixtape album with follow album “THE UNFORGOTTEN”, which features a stellar line-up of guest artists including Ghostface Killah and GZA of Wu Tang Clan, and Killah Priest and Hell Razah of Sunz of Man, La The Darkman of Aphilliates Music Group (AMG) and many more.

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Leggezin fin who is originally from Angola (Africa) started his music career during his staying in Coimbra (Portugal)in 1994, he joined a group called ACROPOLE as a rapper/producer. In 1999 to pursue his education Leggezin moved in Los Angeles to achieve his goal of becoming architect. With a determination to make his talent heard in the city of angels he opened a label “MAGGNATA PRODUCTIONS”.. Being of a die hard fan of the legendary group Wu Tang Clan, in 2003 Leggezin had the chance to meet the Sunz of Man’s own PRODIGAL SUNN who amazed with the incredible talent and energy of Leggezin signed him to his company GOD’S INC entertainment as a producer. His hard work along Prodigal Sunn led him to be part of the WU TANG KILLA BEEZ.

In 2004 he released an album called “Precisao” where he produced the entire album, the lead single “UNIVERSAL SOLDIER” featuring Prodigal Sunn was a huge hit, It was then followed by another single INTERCAMBIO featuring 9th PRINCE of Killarmy and FUSE of dealema. In 2005 he was credited for producing the hit “CAMPAIGN” of Prodigal Sunn solo debut album” the return of Prodigal Sunn”. Later on the same year a 4 track album was released to keep his fan base happy including the single AFRO KILLA BEEZ featuring WU Killa Beez fam Kinetic 9 and Shogun the Assason of Killarmy, Prodigal Sunn and chi king.

Leggezin was also featured on the AFRO SAMURAI(RESURECTION) soundtrack on “TAKE THE SWORD prt 3”.
Upcoming project for Leggezin include a compilation called “U.F.F” (uniao faz a forsa) which means “union bring power” and titled “TU ES O FUTURO”(YOU ARE THE FUTURE). The album is produced by Maggnata productions, Leggezin, malparido, and Kinetic 9, and features Leggezin himself along with Prodigal Sunn, Kinetic 9, 9th Prince, 60 sec Assassin, Armel, Shavo, Dealema and many more.

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